U-8 Coach Pitch Rules

Updated Thursday April 26, 2018 by Grafton Little League.

Single A (Coach Pitch) Division Rules:

1.    The entire team gets up to bat.  However if the player gets out the player sits down. 

2.    No more than 11 batters per inning (once through the team).

3.    No more than 12 pitches per batter.  If the batter does not hit after 12 pitches he or she are out.

4.    No underhand pitching. All overhand. Only coaches are allowed to pitch.  Kids can not pitch.

5.    Infield hits, keep the runner on first. Do not allow the runner to keep running on errors or wild throws.

6.    Balls hit to the outfield, allow the runner to run until the ball makes it back to the edge of the infield. Again, do not allow the runner to keep running on errors or wild throws.

7.    Play for 1 hour and 15 mins. Do not start a new inning after this time. If you want to go longer, use your judgment. Base your decision on how the kids are doing, if they’re having fun, if they are still engaged, etc. Always discuss this openly with the opposing coach. There should be a minimum of two innings played.  As the kids get better and things move quicker you should be able to get three innings in.

8.    There is no home run trot by the last batter unless the player hits an actual homer.  (This is optional. Coaches need to discuss this before the game starts.)

9.    All catchers should be wearing an athletic supporter and cup.

10.  Be sure everyone is having fun and the environment is always positive!

11.  No Stealing Bases

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